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Rebranding, Art Direction, Logo,

Brand identity, Print,

Photography, Mural,




Worked in conjunction with Nodd studio

A florist needed to revamp its brand identity foundation to create a company persona that is capable of approaching a new and wider market.

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When we first encountered Duchenne, then they were known as "Floral Designs", we knew we needed to rebuild them from the ground up.


Valentines Day was chosen to be the occasion for launching the new image.

DUCHENNE_WEB1 cospy.png

We pivoted the company's target audience through their new brand identity to encapsulate both modern and independent adults along with those who go for the more traditional acts of giving flowers. We provided a new brand for people who seek simplicity in a world full of complexities and those who are passionate. 

We started by reevaluating their strategic direction giving them guidance for the new identity of the company.

With the analysis of their competition, we created the brand personality and a profile of suitable marketing personas.

We changed the name to Duchenne and created handmade typography for the logo to represent an independent person who writes their own story, tracing its way through stories of love, success, sadness, and happiness. Flowers had long been their way to express themselves to their significant others.

The free and spontaneous gesture of typography brings viewers to humanize the logo and clearly associate the story of the Duchenne people.

The dash is reminiscent of signing off on a handwritten letter. This transforms Duchenne into something that speaks and has something to say.

As a result Duchenne succeeded in broadening their market and creating a connection with their loyal clients. With their recognizable and modern new brand identity they took their outstanding spot among the competition.

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