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Logo, Label design, Illustration, Copywriting


Food Industry

Beans are the center of Salvadoran food but their humble roots have been an excuse for poor representation through design. A package that could rescue its image and lift its value was needed.


Seasons/ Beans


"We wanted to bring

back the traditions that

together with food make the Salvadoran identity."


Supernatural Salvadoran folklore characters are the focus of the design.

"Red beans for

the evil eye"

The Cadejo

There is a good white Cadejo and an evil black Cadejo. Both are spirits 

that appear at night to travelers.

"Black beans for

bad luck"


Cipitio was cursed and condemned by the Aztec god Teotl. He was going to live forever like a small boy with his feet in a backward position, as a reminder of the twisted and illicit affair of his parents.

"White beans to

cure fright"


It is a shape-shifting spirit that typically takes the form of an attractive, long-haired woman seen from behind. She lures men away into danger before revealing her face to be that of a horse or, alternatively, a skull.



We wanted to bring back the traditions that together with food make the Salvadoran identity. Our approach was to use the supernatural folklore characters of local tales that all Salvadorans grew up with and know. This would give the brand a nostalgic and very local personality where the jokes about these characters are part of it.

With Spanish word-play, rhymes, and jokes we created a series of phrases and illustrations that make a funny collection of labels in which beans are always the remedy to a hunger-related curse. 

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