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Storyboards / Animation




Storyboard, Illustration,


NGO's / Enterprise


Direction, script & animation: Guaza studio

A compilation of storyboards for institutional animated videos for different clients.


Media Coachers

Media Coachers is a communication consultation agency that helps companies find the right way to communicate across a broad range of media to clients and stakeholders. They approached us with a need for a video animation that represents their consultation methods and how they help companies achieve their goals with that consultation.

Considering they are a consultancy, they needed a clear image to portray their work which possible clients could grab onto. We conceptualized them as a copilot, navigating their clients to becoming a successful business. The person who is by your side, supporting your company all the way till you reach your desired destination. 



Cali, an international NGO, was organizing an international convention for local social leaders from around the world to get together to be part of a unique and transforming experience. They needed us to capture the values of this convention and create communication pieces that sort the people they were after.

We represented their values through illustrated beings with an ignited passion, taking their lit touch to others to share their passion and ignite others. With these bright lights inside them, they can help their communities and grow as a whole. The design was very responsive in its broad range of interest it gained from the audience and overall captured the very people Cali was looking for.



Techo is an NGO building houses and developing sustainable communities through their volunteers and donations for those who need it most in El Salvador. They requested a video explaining a new program seeking donations from companies on a yearly basis.

The institution is young and they needed a fresh identity and up to date the image to go with it. Illustrations were the preferred style of the company so we used them to achieve a young and friendly image within the animations of the video. 

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