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Security agency

Harmony a security agency with an innovative model requested a total rethink of their brand identity to be a more competitive company and reflect their new focus; responsive technology over physical force - more freedom - less fear.  


We wanted to reflect on how a society can thrive by living in a safe place with peace of mind and freedom.


A clear connection was uncovered which led to pivoting the brand to promote what it achieves. The name Harmony was chosen because it’s a reflection of the ideal of what the clients and society want and need. 

Along with this name came their new persona, an intelligent, trustful, and friendly brand identity rather than the brutish style of the competitors.

We also wanted the company to appear thoughtful, so we considered visual metaphoric representations of harmony. 


The cosmos itself gives us a lesson in how harmony between elements works. The planets follow their path around a center of gravity.

Harmony is also the center of people who come together as a community and allow them to fulfill their paths in safe.


Harmony is also the center of people who come together as a community. The similarities between harmonious communities and the cosmos were more than enough to give us the artistic direction to fulfill Harmony’s needs.


Mixing our creative representations of harmony with the powerful technology creating the new force behind modern security firms found the look that embodied their needs. Once we implemented these visuals across all of their media and businesses they were ready to take control of their businesses' future.

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