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Cinco patas al gato



Web design, Illustration

Architecture firm


Creative direction:

Guaza studio

An architecture firm with a big personality needed to revamp its website to become an accurate extension of its voice and identity as well as to match the needs of its clients.


"Theirs is personalized architecture for people with bold and playful personalities"

diagramacion nosotros 5patas -03.jpg
diagramacion blog5patas -02.jpg

We created a series of characters that interact with the clients and represent this conversation into sketched whimsical fantasy worlds of dreams and ideas that go in between the process of making incredible and unique houses.

diagramacion5patas a medidas2-03.jpg
diagramacion blog5patas -06.jpg

Cinco patas works are characterized as being a representation of people's dreams, is personalized architecture for people with bold and playful personalities. The architect does not impose the space but plays and makes magic according to insights from the clients.

Another thing is that their architecture is out of the box, is based on completely new shapes, taking inspiration from a kite to tree houses and Babylonian gardens. We like to think of them as a team of wizards and fantasy creatures that transform into different characters according to their clients' different dreams.

So we made a people-oriented design and that at the same time represents their playful personality.

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