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Brewing Bonds: The Human Touch in Belco Coffee's Branding



Logo, Manual

Coffee sourcing


Photographs and product applications by Belco.

After years of establishing themselves as one of Europe's premier coffee sourcing companies, Belco, a French coffee enterprise, recognized the need for a brand transformation aligned with their newfound commitment to a collaborative work philosophy. Dissatisfied with previous proposals that failed to capture the essence of their company, they turned to us for a fresh perspective.

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In our proposal, we used the hand as a distinctly human link that connects people with coffee.

From the hand that picks the best grain - to the hand that takes it to the cup. The hand that guides the producer - to the hand that makes a deal with the buyer.

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The manual of the logo provides unison and consistency as a brand, guiding the company collaborators and agencies to apply its use correctly.

At the core of every successful brand is a powerful logo. In our research-driven proposal, we identified clarity as the key to authentically representing Belco's values, work ethos, and human-centric approach. Our goal was to showcase their commitment to fostering connections and mutual improvement.

We began by reimagining the logo, choosing the hand as a symbol that distinctly embodies the human link connecting people with coffee. The hand, a universal symbol of connection and collaboration, seamlessly represents Belco's dedication to building continuous and meaningful relationships with coffee producers, partners, and buyers.

It is by hand they create continuous and permanent relationships with producers, partners, and buyers. 

The hand becomes a powerful metaphor, from picking the best coffee grains to guiding producers and sealing deals with buyers. It serves as a unifying element, providing consistency and guidance to company collaborators and agencies in the correct application of the brand across various platforms.


The outcome is a warm and modern brand that effortlessly interacts, building trust and fostering closer relationships with all stakeholders. The hand, extending the first greeting, symbolizes the companionship experienced throughout the entire coffee adventure, from farm to cup.

Belco Coffee's new brand is a testament to its commitment to human connection and excellence in the world of coffee, portraying a story that goes beyond just sourcing beans – it's about creating a shared journey, one cup at a time.

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