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UI/UX design

Infographic design,






Worked with Nodd studio

Oxfam needed us to design a web platform to educate, inform and facilitate young political participation against different forms of inequality and corruption in El Salvador.

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The approach

Having an understanding of the target audience it was paramount we communicated with them on the platforms they use. We wanted this platform to be dynamic and to be an actual tool that provides all the resources needed to become an activist in the community.

An important mission of the platform was to educate, but addressing the issues of politics can be quite complicated in nature.

We created a set of HTML animated infographics with which we are able to relay statistics to the audience in order of relevance to the issues of taxes, corruption, and inequality in a more simple manner. These pieces could easily be shared and virilized in social media and then used as microcontent for other communication pieces of the platform.

Browser Mock-up Frames.png
Browser Mock-up Frames.png
entradas web altavozces-1.png

We focused on social media, where those who found the website could speak directly to the government and be seen by those who are still yet to speak. We integrated a tool inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marques book called “No one writes to the politicians” this tool allows us to write viral letters to politicians' Twitter accounts anonymously, giving a voice for immediate action.


Altogether with facilitating a library of online participation and gift guerrilla in the topics of gender equality and political criticism that could be downloaded and used in social media.


After our completion the platform was implemented and promoted across the young Salvadoran community raising a high number of followers who participated in the campaign against corruption and shared it across all social platforms, creating a live and active community with a compromised political involvement.  It is now a reference tool also for organizations to raise awareness about the social issues happening in the country. 

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