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ThinkSME began as a Singaporean Financing Agency focused on small and medium businesses, but they wanted to branch out into other fields as their company grew. So they needed a new brand identity and website to communicate their newly acquired expertise to a wider audience.

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The approach


1. Analysis

To identify the new value proposition for ThinkSME’s newly acquired specialisations, we had to find and understand the visions for their clientele. We started by analysing ThinkSME's competition and identifying the profile of their marketing personas. The analysis revealed three very distinct personas and only one was being communicated effectively, leaving the other two to shift through all the information to find what they want to know. Understanding all three of the personas led to the creation of a value proposition that will inspire all of them.


2. Foundation

The foundation we developed came in the form of a flow chart which ensured the market personas were getting the exact information they needed to get started with ThinkSME. Using this information hierarchy, we could design each communication piece clearly and precisely and direct each persona to what is important to them. 

3. Creation

With this foundation, we could begin the rebranding and media for a wide range of new clientele. We used the original logo as requested by the clientele and took it as a base to inspire the new brand look and feel, maintaining its continuity, we played with strong geometric shapes that came from the original logo and modernize it to give different meanings according to the brand messages. This allowed us to separate the information into bite-size pieces that allow the viewer to take in more information.

From this, we pieced together the website architecture, troubleshooting each path for the best possible results. Then we constructed the pages with the copy we had written to inspire each marketing persona and the geometric structure to direct the flow of information. From there the stationary and corporate pieces followed to tie the brand together with its online presence.

We developed a brand new website featuring a new brand identity and information architecture. Based on the previous research we created focal points and actions based on their customer personas and the solutions and goals they expect from the website and services.

A professional look using vibrant and abstract shapes is used together with messages and photos that aim to connect with people. Elevating the human side of the brand and their honest response to solve customers' problems and dreams.

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Sales pitch presentation

After identifying the companies’ selling points and value propositions in the strategy stage, we reorganized and recreated the information architecture, services and new messages of the brand to fit their new goals and to approach their current and new customers in a more impactful way. 

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