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Naming, Logo, Packaging, Labels


Food industry

A new company in the food industry needed a brand that could cover a diverse range of food products for different markets and generate curiosity.

flor de jamaica_seasons_packaging_design


flor de jamaica_seasons_label.png

"We created a name that represents change, freshness, and diversity." 


The Approach:

Research for this brand had to be broad and rigorous to unearth the keys to their highly competitive brand identity. We created a name that represents change, freshness, and variation. 'Seasons' became their brand umbrella of the first collection of foods they were to release: hibiscuses, chickpeas and rice.

To allow them to maintain a relationship with the customers as a brand we decided to give individuality to each product. This gave the brand an opportunity to satisfy many tastes of the customers while encouraging them to try more.

We created a texture for the design label that could be standardized across the range and include more type foods into the brand, making it recognizable yet beautiful.


The simplicity of the design set up the company to easily implement more products in the future.


The result is a brand that is fresh, recognizable, and adaptable for future growth at a rapid pace.

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