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A Sustainability-Infused Rebranding for Ecopluz's Vinyl Flooring



Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Logomark, Brand manual, Corporate stationary, Vehicle design, Web design, Content creation

Vinyl Flooring retail and installation 

Ecoplus, a prominent player in the vinyl flooring retail and installation sector, sought our expertise to refine their brand communication strategy. To achieve this, we initiated a comprehensive branding project, starting from the ground up to develop a fresh brand identity aligned with their sustainable values.

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The approach


1. Analysis

Our journey began with a meticulous analysis of Ecoplus's industry landscape. By scrutinizing competitors and profiling target personas, we unearthed three distinct customer profiles within commercial and residential domains. A crucial revelation emerged as we articulated a unified value proposition, placing sustainability at the forefront of Ecoplus's brand identity.


2. Foundation

Building on these insights, we meticulously crafted an information hierarchy tailored to the specific needs of each customer profile, with an unwavering focus on sustainability. This hierarchy served as the cornerstone, establishing a clear order of key selling points and providing the groundwork for a cohesive and consistent design approach.

3. Creation

With a solid foundation in place, we transitioned into the creation phase of the rebranding journey. Visual elements inspired by the vinyl flooring industry, infused with sustainable nuances, became the bedrock of the new design. The original logo's robust geometric forms were contemporized to convey nuanced brand messages, simplifying information consumption for the audience.

The website architecture, meticulously designed to optimize user paths, played a pivotal role in the project. In tandem with compelling copy inspired by each marketing persona and a geometric structure guiding information flow, we created a seamless online experience. Additionally, we developed stationery and corporate pieces to bridge Ecoplus's online and offline presence.

The success of the Ecoplus rebranding project is evidenced by the transformation of their online and offline presence. The brand now stands out as a distinctive player in the vinyl flooring sector, firmly committed to sustainability.

PRODUCT TECH ecopluz-02-02.png
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