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Empowering Initiatives:
A Triad of Impactful Campaigns 


Logo, Identity, Iconography, Campaigns, Web, Print publications, Events



This is a a triad of transformative projects, aimed at making a profound difference in the lives of individuals and communities across El Salvador and Central America. From championing sea turtle conservation to celebrating the extraordinary achievements of Special Olympians and extending vital humanitarian aid through education, these initiatives stand as shining examples of the power of design to amplify messages of hope and change. Each driven by our unwavering commitment to harnessing the creative potential of design to foster positive change and create a brighter, more inclusive future for all.


Case 1

Quelonia: A Vibrant Journey in Sea Turtle Conservation

Quelonia stands as the foremost initiative for sea turtle conservation in El Salvador, overseen by FIAES The Americas Initiative Fund. Tasked with elevating their brand identity and bolstering their marketing communications, our team embarked on a mission to craft a cohesive visual identity spanning print publications, event materials, and merchandise.

At the heart of Quelonia's mission lies a dedication to educating the next generation about the plight of these endangered species. Through immersive experiences like seasonal turtle liberations into the sea, we aimed to instil in young minds a profound understanding of the critical importance of conservation efforts.

In conceptualizing the brand identity, our focus was on creating an aesthetic that exuded friendliness, vibrancy, and playfulness, all while maintaining a strong connection to FIAES's overarching brand identity through strategic colour utilization. Drawing inspiration from the tranquil depths of the ocean, we incorporated subtle transparencies reminiscent of water, evoking a sense of fluidity and movement. Additionally, the gentle curvature and rounded forms of our designs pay homage to the graceful contours of turtle shells, further reinforcing the program's connection to its emblematic species.

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Case 2

I’m Special: Celebrating Special Olympians in El Salvador

Graphic Designer: Daniela Perla
Agency: Rivera & Rivera
Creative Director: Joshua Rueda


Embracing the spirit of inclusivity and empowerment, our award-winning campaign for the Special Olympics Team in El Salvador captured the Bronze Code at the Codex Prize, honouring the best advertising campaigns of the year.

Central to our campaign was the powerful concept of 'I'm Special,' a celebration of the inherent pride and remarkable abilities embodied by our athletes as they proudly represent their nation at the pinnacle of their athletic endeavours. Through our imagery, we deliberately chose to shatter perceptions of limitations, instead showcasing boundless possibilities. Drawing upon the symbiotic relationship between sport and imagination, our illustrations served as a visual testament to the indomitable spirit and endless potential of our athletes, where the only limit is the extent of their dreams

The texts read:

I’m Special
“I make the difficult easy”
“When I compete I win”
“I don't do things halfway”
“I do what others don't do”


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Case 3

Threads of Unity: Empowering Indigenous Communities with Ayuda en Acción

Embarking on a mission to provide vital humanitarian aid through education to marginalized rural communities, indigenous populations, migrants, and returning individuals, Ayuda en Acción sought to raise awareness for their new program across Central American countries.

Faced with the task of crafting a compelling campaign to effectively communicate their impactful initiatives, our team delved into conceptualizing a visual identity rooted in unity and tradition. Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of indigenous communities, we envisioned a visual style reminiscent of intricately woven fabrics, symbolizing the interconnectedness of communities under a shared vision of empowerment and progress.

From captivating photography to meticulously crafted layouts, engaging social media content, user-friendly web design, eye-catching posters, impactful email campaigns, and dynamic launch events, our comprehensive campaign spanned across various mediums to effectively convey Ayuda en Acción's mission and engage audiences in their noble cause.

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