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Transformative Identity for Aracari, the Tech Studio Redefining Digital Experiences


Logo, Identity, Iconography



Aracari, a forward-thinking tech studio specializing in human-centric digital experiences, approached us with a compelling challenge: to create a brand identity that embodies their unique brand essence and transformative approach to problem-solving. 

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 Drawing inspiration from their namesake, the smallest toucan species, we set out to design a visual identity that not only pays homage to Aracari's Salvadoran roots but also reflects their modular and transformative approach to problem-solving. 

The Aracari toucan, native to El Salvador, serves as a powerful symbol that connects the company with its homeland. Leveraging this distinct characteristic, our goal was to develop a logo that captures the essence of Aracari's mission while visually representing their commitment to adaptability and versatility.

Our creative journey led us to conceptualize the logo as a modular and transformative toolkit—a metaphorical representation of Aracari's problem-solving prowess. Inspired by the company's playful methodologies, we sought to convey the dynamic nature of their process through a visual language that resonates with their audience.

At Aracari, problem-solving is a collaborative endeavor, guided by the shared values of inclusivity and empathy. With each project, they aim to find the best solution by working hand in hand with people, carefully considering their needs and preferences. The logo we crafted encapsulates this philosophy, symbolizing Aracari's ability to remove, put, build, and transform ideas into innovative solutions.

Just as a Swiss Army knife adapts to any challenge, Aracari's logo signifies the company's multifaceted capabilities. Like game blocks fitting together perfectly, the logo showcases the team's proficiency in solving problems and the strategic thinking that underlies every solution they provide.

By crafting a transformative and modular logo for Aracari, we have not only captured the spirit of their brand but also created a visual identity that conveys their innovative approach and problem-solving expertise. Through this emblem, Aracari is now equipped with a powerful tool that reflects their commitment to human-focused digital experiences and their ability to transform challenges into opportunities.

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